Empowering Compliance: Our Representative’s Insights from 2024 Workplace Law Workshops

Our company’s dedication to staying abreast of legislative changes led our representative to participate in illuminating workshops on the transformative 2024 workplace and industrial relations laws.

These workshops, spearheaded by Victorian Chamber Experts, dissected the pivotal “Closing Loopholes” reforms, offering invaluable insights into their implications for businesses across Victoria and Australia.

Covering a breadth of topics crucial to employers, employees, contractors, principals, and gig workers alike, the workshops delved into the introduction of the right to disconnect, revisions in engaging casual workers and obligations regarding their transition to permanent employment, redefined distinctions between ’employee’ and ‘contractor,’ empowering independent contractors to dispute unfair contract terms, updated union right of entry rules and the empowerment of workplace delegates, implementation of ‘same job same pay’ labour hire regulations, changes to small business redundancy exemptions, significant overhauls to compliance and enforcement frameworks, including criminal penalties for ‘wage and superannuation theft,’ new standards for road transport and gig workers, and modifications to enterprise bargaining agreements, among other critical amendments.

Armed with real-life examples and actionable insights, our representative returned equipped to navigate these changes effectively. The workshops provided an opportunity to glean tips and strategies from industry experts and engage directly with specialists, ensuring a thorough understanding of the evolving legal landscape.

As workplace law changes continue to evolve, our commitment to compliance remains unwavering. We are poised to adapt to the challenges of 2024 with confidence, ensuring our business remains at the forefront of legal adherence and preparedness.

Workplace Law Workshops